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Crystal Elixir Straws (case-pack of 8)

Crystal Elixir Straws (case-pack of 8)

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Transform ordinary drinking water into high vibrational energy water to feel more balanced, grounded, and full of intention. Each set includes 5 crystal straws: Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Rose Quartz.

*Scratch & Dent: This batch came in with some minor flaws in some of the straws. Like: a few scratches in the glass and a few smudges embedded in the glass during the annealing process. It's not on every straw, and you probably won't even notice it unless you look really close or pull out a magnifying glass, which is how we found the flaws in the first place! We got a deal, so we're passing it to you! But hurry, we expect to sell out quickly with this "steal" of a deal.

*All sales are final on Scratch & Dent items.

MSRP for Scratch & Dent Pricing: $24.99/kit (also the minimum allowed advertised price)

Sold in a case-pack of 8 sets

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